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Source : DurianProperty

Meridin East is a new township located in Iskandar Malaysia that represents the exclusivity and evolution of the urbanscape.

Spanning 1313 acres, this freehold cosmopolitan development situated in the heart of Iskandar Malaysia epitomizes the ideals of an ultramodern luxury lifestyle where everything you need is within your reach.

Meridin East is not just any ordinary development; it is an estate designed with you in mind. It is carefully built with the utmost consideration for your needs. Therefore, the focal point of the design is envisioned to stimulate your five senses to encourage interaction and exploration, as well as heighten your feelings of belongingness.

Meridin East does not merely represent a township, district, or home. It represents an extraordinary lifestyle.

Aligned with Mah Sing Group Berhad’s ecofriendly values, each residential, commercial, and industrial development under Meridin East will come with: brand-name water-efficient installations and appliances; energy-efficient light fixtures; and recycling areas for sorting organic waste, non-organic waste, and recyclables.

Moreover, the intensive planting scheme involved in creating a tropical environment within Meridin East will purify the air, abate the heat, and lessen our dependence on air-conditioning.

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